Questions to ask your local movers

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When we say moving, what is the first thing that comes to your mind? Probably stress, chaos, many expenses, etc. But we are sure there is nothing positive that you think of when it comes to moving. Have you ever wondered how it would like if you had a stress-free moving experience? It is not impossible, trust us. As someone who is in this industry for such a long period, we must say that we know all tricks that will make your moving seamless. The best starting point of a worry-free move is finding reliable local movers. And how do you do that?

When we say moving, what is the first thing that comes to your mind? Probably stress, chaos, many expenses, etc. But we are sure there is nothing positive that you think of when it comes to moving. Have you ever wondered how it would like if you had a stress-free moving experience? It is not impossible, trust us. As someone who is in this industry for such a long period, we must say that we know all tricks that will make your moving seamless. The best starting point of a worry-free move is finding reliable local movers. And how do you do that?

Having these ready will help you get the moving quotes most efficiently and you will be also sure that you are choosing the right professional movers for your upcoming moving project. If you are not sure what you should ask your furniture movers – don’t worry, we have you covered. We have prepared a list of questions that you can use. There are quite a few, so feel free to adjust this list based on your moving needs. Let’s see what we have prepared for you. 

How do you create the price for your services?

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The first question that comes to everyone’s mind is always related to the moving price. That is why your first question to your local movers should be related to the price. Instead of asking your local movers what is the price for the services, you should ask what affects the price. Knowing how they create it will help you tailored the price according to your moving budget.

Local movers usually charge hourly rates and the price depends on the number of team members that your move requires by the size. Also, the price might change if you request some additional services from your professional movers, or if your home has a lot of stairs, etc. Be covered when it comes to everything related to the price. 

Is it cheaper if I book labor-only moving?

This is rarely the case, but it doesn’t hurt trying – ask your local movers if the price is going to be more affordable if you rent a moving truck elsewhere and hire professional movers only. We believe it is better to have one team dealing with everything, but your needs might be different.

Is there any price difference between days?

If you are looking for ways to hire local movers to help you with the move but save some money along the way – you should check if there is any price difference between weekdays and weekends. When moving on the budget, you should be flexible, because most people want to move on the weekend.

That is why furniture movers are offering cheaper rates for weekdays since the requests are not that often. However, if you are moving during the moving season, the price might be always the same, so consider this as well when planning your move. 

What services are included in the price?

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Speaking of the moving price, you should check with your local movers what services they have included in the price. Usually, local movers have a standard service and the full pack offer, which comes with additional charges. And their standard service includes tools to disassemble and reassemble back your furniture, wrapping materials, dollies, wardrobe boxes, and so on. But different local movers are offering different services, so you should check with them what is a part of their price.

Are there any hidden charges?

The last question related to the moving price is – are there any hidden or additional charges that your local movers haven’t mentioned over the phone. Some local movers will have some additional charges they think you are aware of, and that might surprise you (badly) on a moving day. It is always better to ask and to be sure, after all, their customer support department is there to answer any question you might have along the way. And don’t forget to read the confirmation email when you schedule professional movers.

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Can you meet all of my moving needs?


We have already mentioned that it is important to put on paper all of your moving needs before calling local movers. Now it is the moment to check with your team if they can meet those requests. You should know that local movers usually have some limitations when it comes to services they can or cannot provide you with. Maybe your chosen local movers won’t be able to meet every request, but you should find a company that can help with the majority. 

Is there any weight limit for particular items?

Local movers cannot handle anything too heavy or too fragile, so if you have something that is not a regular household item – like a safe, a piano, or a pool table, you should check with your team if they can move it for you. Usually, professional movers have a weight limit of 350-450 lbs. If you have something too fragile, such as medical or dental equipment, your local movers might not be able to help. But, hey, don’t worry about that – many specialized local movers who can help you with these items.

Can local movers help me with packing as well?

If you would like to have just one responsibility when the moving day arrives – to open the door for your local movers, you should ask them to help you with packing too. Since this is not a part of a standard offer professional movers are offering, you will have to ask them if they can help you with packing and what would be the additional charge for that. This service is ideal for people that don’t have that much time to invest in this task since it is the most time-consuming and it requires the most energy.  If you don’t have any, your local movers will be happy to help you out with this task. After all, they are professionals, and they know how to perform this task in the best possible way. 

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What is the price of moving boxes?

Speaking of service that includes your local movers helping you with packing – you should ask them what is the price of packing boxes and if they can bring those. Since these are more expensive than getting boxes elsewhere, you should check with your professional movers if they can use the boxes that you already have or that you are going to buy.

Are you licensed?

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We can’t emphasize enough the importance of hiring licensed local movers. This will help you feel safe and protected throughout the whole process. You can easily check if your local movers are licensed by asking them to provide you with their PUC number that you can check with the Better Business Burro. When you hire licensed local movers, you will have protection even if your professionals refuse to help you with something.

What coverage insurance is included?

Speaking of licensed local movers, another reason to hire them is that you will have the insurance included. Usually, local movers have basic coverage insurance included in the price, and that is 60 cents per pound. If you are not okay with the basic coverage insurance that your professional movers are offering – you can always purchase the additional one, and your team should be fine with that. However, local movers cannot sell you this type of insurance, so you will have to find an insurance company elsewhere. You can always purchase third-party insurance for particular items only, not for everything.

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How do you handle complaints?

Knowing more about the claim procedures is smart, regardless if something happens or not. Since this is a procedure that will take some time, you should be prepared to minimalize the amount of time, if something happened. Check with your local movers if you will need to provide some sort of proof of any damage that happened. Take a look at your local movers’ online reviews and if there are some bad feedbacks, how did they handle those. But don’t worry, we are not trying to say that local moving cannot be done without damages, you should just be prepared for any scenario that might happen.

My building management has requirements, can you meet them?

Whenever you are moving from or to a building, you should check with your building management if they have some requirements that your local movers need to fulfill. It is important to check this because some professional movers might not be allowed to keep up with the move unless they meet all of your building’s requests. Those might be different, from asking your local movers to provide a certificate of insurance, to moving in or out at a certain time or only on certain days. Ask your building management to provide you with building requirements in PDF, so you can forward those to your local movers.

Do I need to lay down the deposit?

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To secure your spot with local movers, you will have to lay down a deposit in most cases. This is a guarantee that your professional movers will show up on a moving day, and also they will know they are not going to bail on them and that they are not keeping a spot for you without the purpose. Consider this deposit as a downpayment, because it will be applied towards your final bill once the service is done.

What is your cancellation policy?

Before you lay down the deposit, check with your professional movers what is their cancelation policy. Before going deeper into this, we must say that you shouldn’t hire local movers with the thinking that you can cancel easily. It is not fair and it can affect your budget too. On the other hand, life can get busy and chaotic and you might need to reschedule your move or change something else. Your professional movers will need you to inform them about those changes in time. Usually, that is 48 to 72 hours before the scheduled moving day.

What payment methods do you accept?

You want to avoid any stressful moments when moving, and one of them is not having the appropriate means to pay for the move. Most local movers don’t accept checks, so if you are planning to pay with the one – make sure to check if yours can take it. Different local movers have different methods to collect the charge for their services, you should always check this and plan accordingly.

Also, some professional movers can offer you discounts for paying in cash, so this might be a better option if you want to save some money. The best solution for every moving issue is Professional Movers Pleasanton! Wanna learn more about why we are the best local movers in the area? Keep reading! Every client that books our services will get: 

  • Exceptional customer support is available every day of the week.
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  • Trained and professional local movers who will do their best to handle your belongings safely. 
  • Our professional movers are not coming empty-handed, they will bring all necessary equipment needed to perform your move – from tools, moving dollies, wrapping materials, etc.
  • A worry-free organization and moving day.

All of this is a part of our standard offer and if you think that this service must cost a fortune – we will prove you wrong! All of the services we are offering are budget-friendly and suitable for everyone. 

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