Labor moving

No matter what kind of labor moving help you might need, we can guarantee that we are experienced. If you have a moving truck, U-haul or pod, we have the manpower to load or unload your belongings efficiently and safely. Our movers will provide equipment to disassemble or reassemble your belongings, plastic wrap for protection of your items and moving dollies for anything too heavy. Team that is working with Professional Movers Pleasanton is experienced, professional and trained to safely do your heavy lifting instead of you. 

If you are trying to save money and think that moving by yourself is going to help you, we would like to say that our services are affordable. On the other hand, heavy lifting might be very dangerous and not only you can break your belongings, but you can hurt yourself. When you have a labor job, you will have to have some help and you don’t want to have a broken friendship over a broken dresser. Hiring a professional local moving company safety is guaranteed and there is a moving insurance included in the price. 


Rates with Professional Movers Pleasanton are guaranteed and without hidden fees. We charge for our services hourly and the only condition is a 3 hour minimum.

Get the professional moving help and ensure that your labor job is performed safely and efficiently!