Packers and movers

Moving can get overwhelming easily, so we want to ensure that your relocation is as stress-free as possible. Our team is here for you 7 days a week and we are ready to answer any question you might have. We are not only providing quotes, we are offering free moving advice in order to get you prepared for your upcoming relocation. When you book our full pack service, we are doing everything for you. Price is guaranteed and there are no hidden fees. Professional Movers Pleasanton is charging the hourly rates and there is a 3 hour minimum. After the minimum price is prorated into 15 minutes increments. Only packing material is not included in our rate. We want you to be involved in your move as much as you want, so if you prefer to get your own boxes, we are totally fine with that. 

What we do first is packing service. Our packers will make sure that your belongings are safely packed and transported to your new location. We developed many innovative packing techniques that help us pack everything for you very fast, but safe. All of the boxes we pack will be labeled to help you out with unpacking. As a part of a moving service, we offer disassembly, reassembly, wrapping and padding of your furniture. Wardrobe boxes are there to save us some time and not to pack your hanging clothes. Moving dollies are used to safely handle anything that is excessively heavy. All of our employees are trained and professional and they learned how to handle your belongings in a way they get to your new location in one piece. After we get to your new home, we will place your big furniture in the rooms that belong. 

Moving insurance is included throughout, so you will have your peace of mind that you deserve. 

Packing assistance is not charged additionally, so if you would like to have a professional moving hand to help you pack your belongings safely and professionally, you can just ask and we will explain even more detailed how it works.