10 reasons to hire professional movers in Pleasanton CA!

mover in the van with boxes

Planning a local move can be overwhelming and you might want to consider getting professional help. 

No heavy lifting = no injuries/damages

Let’s be honest, you are probably not experienced when it comes to heavy lifting. If heavy lifting is performed by someone without experience there is a high chance to damage something or even worse, to injure yourself. At the end of the day, safety should be the number one priority and you don’t want to break your back over a few dollars that you are trying to save. 


If you decide to perform your local moving by yourself, you should be ready that you will need a few weeks at least. On the other hand, your local movers will help you with your move in just one day or if your home is huge, maybe 2 days, but if you have a huge home you shouldn’t even try to do it yourself. 

The right moving equipment

We can guess that you don’t have moving equipment ready in your home, so if you decide to move by yourself you will need to get that equipment. Every local moving company has tools, wrapping material, moving dollies etc. Not only you will get a team of professional movers, but the whole moving equipment as well.

Moving insurance

Moving by yourself requires friend’s help and if they damage something you can’t ask them to give you the value of the item. You can, but you will have a broken friendship over a broken item. With having a professional moving company, you won’t have any problems of that sort. Every licenced moving company has moving insurance included in the price. In case there is some damage you can always call back your movers and start a claim process with them.


Before scheduling your local movers you should do a proper research and hire a licenced and accountable movers. If you do so, you will feel safe and you will have someone you can rely on. Your movers will be there at the agreed time and date and they will help you with all services that you need.


Professional local moving companies have enough experience to perform any type of local moving that you need. Standard moving service includes disassembly and reassembly of your belongings, wrapping and padding of your furniture, they know how to utilize the space in the truck etc. So you can count that your belongings are in safe hands.

Packing can be done by your local movers

In case you have a tight schedule you might need some assistance with packing service. Professional local moving companies will save you time when it comes to packing, but usually you should request this service because it is not included. If you don’t want to spend weeks packing, this might be a suitable option for you.

Save money

At first point it might seem that hiring a local moving company is expensive and that you will need a lot of money, but that is not true. Local moving companies became very affordable. When you hire professional movers you are getting a full service with equipment, movers with a truck and moving insurance. It is definitely worth hiring local movers to help you out with your relocation. Also, in case there are some damages when you are moving by yourself you will regret not hiring a local moving company to help you out.

They know how to keep furniture safe inside the moving truck

You need to have experience to utilize the space in the moving truck in order to fit everything that you want to bring with you. It is even more complicated to safely put your furniture in the truck so nothing gets damaged during the transport. Your local movers have enough experience to handle this instead of you.

Stress-free relocation

When you have professional local movers you will have someone to take a burden from you and to help you out with every step of your local move. Some things are worth spending some extra cash and hiring professionals for your local move is one of them for sure.