About Us

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Professional Movers Pleasanton is a local moving company located in Pleasanton that has been helping people all over the area with their relocation for over two decades. Our goal has always been simple – to provide every client with a smooth-moving local experience at an affordable price. We can deliver any type of local service that you need, so if you need movers nearby to help you make your within-100 miles radius moving ideas into reality, you are at the right place! Whether you are looking for some Pleasanton movers to help you relocate your home, apartment, or storage unit, you can rest assured that the best choice of small local movers is Professional Movers Pleasanton.

There are a few steps for every local moving company in Pleasanton that you have to go through, but with us, every single one is simple and smooth!

Our Company

Professional Movers Pleasanton is a fully licensed and insured moving company that built its way to becoming one of the best Pleasanton CA local movers. We strongly believe that having experienced and professional packers and movers that will take care of your valuables can change the moving industry. Proud to say that we hired a group of individuals who will pay attention, not only to your items but to the importance of customer service. Don’t take a chance when it comes to your valuables and hire the best local movers in Pleasanton!

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Our story

We started as a small moving help in Pleasanton CA in 2000. Founders of Professional Pleasanton Movers are coming from many different backgrounds and that helped us have a creative and innovative look at the moving industry. What we are now is a product of many years of experience providing moving help to many people in Pleasanton. We invested our knowledge, experience, and heart into this project.

Our mission

Professional Movers Pleasanton has one mission – to make a potentially stressful situation in a comfortable and enjoyable experience. Our focus is to earn your trust.

Why Us?


Are you thinking about finding a new neighborhood and relocating your home locally? Finding the right moving help from Pleasanton CA local movers will make the whole process faster and more enjoyable no matter what size of a home you have. With the right professional hand, you will have enough time to settle down in your new neighborhood. Now the question that remains is how to find the best movers Pleasanton CA can possibly offer.


Professional Movers Pleasanton offers solutions for any moving situation that occurs. Before you head out to the beach, call us and get your free moving quote! Our professional staff will offer you, not only a quote but also advice on your local move so you can get well prepared for your upcoming relocation. Looking for some movers and packers Pleasanton located, or packing assistance only has never been easier! Pick the date that works for you the best and leave everything else to our professionals! You get to choose how involved you would like to be in your local move, but we can guarantee that we have the best packers and movers at your door, so you are putting your items in safe hands! The number one rule when it comes to finding the right local movers for your needs is to look for someone who has great feedback from their previous clients. There is nothing better than word of a mouth when hiring local relocation specialists. There are many local moving companies, but only one is the best option for you!


Professional Movers Pleasanton gathered a team of the best packers and movers in the area and on top of that they all have training once they come to work with us. No matter how many years of previous experience they have, training is a must! Throughout the years we developed our own moving techniques and we want our movers to meet our high standards in order to provide you with the best moving experience!


Some things are irreplaceable and that is why we will perform your move with the utmost care and passion. However, it is a moving business and we are aware that damages might happen because the nature of the job is like that. Professional Movers Pleasanton is a licensed and insured local moving company that is here to offer you peace of mind when it comes to your relocation.


Hire the best movers and packers Pleasanton located, professionals you can trust - today!