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You can often hear the impression that moving is this scary, stressful life event that requires a lot of preparation, time, and money in order to be successfully completed. In order to avoid any similar scenarios, people started turning to packing and moving companies they can find just a couple of clicks away when they type “packing and moving services near me” into their search bar. And we believe that this idea of finding packing and moving services in the area is truly a great step to take!

Yes, moving can get overwhelming easily. But there are many ways to prevent this feeling and many things to do before you start being stressed. Getting professional packing and moving companies to help you out will ensure that your relocation is as stress-free as possible. The only thing is, of course, that you choose a company that is highly professional and responsible in what they do.

Let us be the movers who pack for you

Is there anything better than letting go of your stress, sitting back, and waiting for someone to arrange everything so that you can continue functioning with no major distress? Wow, wouldn’t it be great to have that possibility for everything in life? Since, unfortunately, we still haven’t figured out any creative ways to let go of the burden we carry around constantly, there is someone to help you with it at least at a point of moving. That is why the demand for some professional movers and packers that are Pleasanton located is quite high.

Of course, not every single one of the packing and moving companies in the area is the same. What makes Professional Movers Pleasanton stand out is our preparedness to be by your side every step of the way, from the initial quoting call to the final feedback. Our team is here for you 7 days a week until the late afternoon hours, working tirelessly to provide you with the moving experience you deserve. We are not only providing quotes, we are offering free moving advice in order to get you prepared for your upcoming relocation.

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What to expect from packing and moving services?

When you book our full pack service, you can expect our movers to do everything for you. The only expectation we have is that you open your door and we will take care of all the rest! You must be thinking that this sounds expensive. Doesn’t it? But the best part is - that’s not really the case! Professional Movers Pleasanton is charging hourly rates and there is a 3-hour minimum, after which the price is prorated into 15 minutes increments. Even though the packing material is not included in our rate, the basic protective supplies are, and we can use the material you’ve purchased - directly from us or elsewhere. We want you to be involved in your move as much as you want, so if you prefer to get your own boxes, we are totally fine with that.

What we do first is packing service. Our packers will make sure that your belongings are safely packed and transported to your new location. We developed many innovative packing techniques that help us pack everything for you very fast, but safe. All of the boxes we pack will be labeled to help you out with unpacking. As a part of a moving service, we offer disassembly, reassembly, wrapping, and padding of your furniture. Wardrobe boxes are there to save us some time and not to pack your hanging clothes. Moving dollies are used to safely handle anything that is excessively heavy. All of our employees are trained and professional and they learned how to handle your belongings in a way they get to your new location in one piece. After we get to your new home, we will place your big furniture in the rooms that belong!

Moving insurance is included in our packing and moving services, so you will have the peace of mind that you deserve!

Packing assistance is not charged additionally, so if you would like to have a professional moving hand to help you pack your belongings safely and professionally, you can just ask and we will explain in even more detail! Feel free to contact us today and get your completely free moving quote right away!