Frequently Asked Questions

mover holding box

When do movers start charging ?

Local moving companies have different policies when it comes to charging their moving services. There are some local movers that charge from parking to parking for their services, but most of the local movers are charging the hourly rates since the moment they start the actual move. Your local movers should always explain how they charge for their services before you schedule your move.

Can movers move plants?

When it comes to moving, live plants are one of the most difficult items to relocate because they cannot be safely wrapped or protected or placed inside of a moving truck. Most of the local movers will help you move your plants, but usually their insurance won’t cover any damages on your live plants.

Will movers pack for you?

For sure! Every professional moving company has a team of packers and movers as well. Hiring your movers and packers in Pleasanton to help you with your complete move is the best service you can get, especially if you are moving for the first time.

Why tip movers?

Tipping became a part of our culture! You should know that you are not obligated to tip your movers, but it is definitely a nice gesture. If you are satisfied with a moving service that is provided to you, you should leave a tip. How much to tip movers is up to you.

Where to hire movers?

Type on your internet search ‘movers near me’ or ‘local movers near me’ and let the fun start. You can’t hire first movers that you find, you will have to do research. If you have someone who moved recently, you can always ask for recommendations. Word of a mouth is the best marketing for moving companies.

How many movers do I need?

This is a question for your local moving company, because this depends on the size of your move, information about your heavy items, stairs etc. So you should listen to their recommendation when it comes to your upcoming relocation. Hiring movers means that you are hiring someone you can trust.

What movers will not take?

Again something that is different from company to company. Your furniture movers have their own policies for moving heavy items. For example, here in Professional Movers Pleasanton we have a weight limit that is 450 lbs. If you have something that is unique, heavy or weirdly shaped, you should double check with your professional movers if they can move it.

Movers who disassemble furniture?

Every professional movers will provide you with disassembly and reassembly of your belongings as a part of their standard service. Movers are bringing their own tools and materials needed for protection of your belongings.

Are movers cheaper on weekdays?

Some periods of year, month or week might be cheaper because they are less busy. If you don’t have a moving date set in stone and you are flexible with a date, you should check with your furniture movers if they offer discounts on moving on weekdays.

What if movers break something?

Every licenced professional local movers that are licenced will support you in case of moving accidents. Licenced movers have basic coverage insurance included in the price and in case something gets damaged, you can start your claim process. Damages can happen because there is a human factor involved, it is important to have someone who will help you find a solution for that issue.